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Stamped as Tamaki -- Mirror theme!

Please describe your normal clothes. Let's see... I wear way more skirts than the average girl, most about knee-length, some higher. They're all pretty free-flowy. I wear various leggings with them during winter. I do have some jeans and shorts that I wear, too, plus I added a few summer dresses to my wardrobe recently. A staple of my fashion is the wifebeater tank top thinger. Great for layering with scoop-necked shirts or jackets or just good to wear alone. I don't really accessorize much, other than the super-occasional simple necklace or a purple scarf that one of my best friends got me in Spain. Oh! And I always, alwaaays wear flip-flops, unless I'm working out or something. You have to get down to like 36 degrees to get me to wear sneakers out somewhere. They suffocate my feet! I do have a pair of white boots with buckles on them I love to wear during winter. Hmm. I think that's about it. Oh, also, I almost always dress how I'm feeling that day. Color-wise as well as style-wise. If that makes sense.
What item(s) do you always seem to have with you? A few of my friends recently gave me friendship bracelets, and I never take them off, unless I really have to (for plays and suchlike). I also have a pair of glasses for, you know, my eyesight. Though I don't always wear them, I do need them to see detail or to read anything that's not two inches in front of my face. I don't have contacts. I had a bad experience with them when I was younger...
At least three pictures of yourself, including at least one body shot and one head shot.

As for full-body shots... er. To be honest, the only quality recent one I have is of me in an Ouran cosplay dress. XD; And as cosplay is (understandably) not allowed in this app... I'll do the best I can.

I'm the one at the top of the group.

Could this possibly get more myspacey? Though it does help you understand a bit of my style...

Not really my favorite picture of myself, but it gives you a pretty good idea of my body shape. As a side note, this guy and I went to prom as "just friends". I had a major crush on him and I asked him to go, aaand he said yes, only to have me find out that he didn't like me, and then still have to go to prom with him. Does this picture help show how obviously uncomfortable that was and how I kind of wanted to kill someone?

Speaking of which... just for kicks.

OH, and I just realized, in a few of the full body ones because of the angles and stuff I look pretty short, when in reality, I'm 5'8".

Now the 3 apps you voted on:
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Thanks in advance for voting! ;)
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